Curated by Ann Torke & Nanette Yannuzzi | 2013

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Our intention as we curated enact was to select a group of artists and writers whose interests are aligned with some aspect of a similar 1970 project called Art in the Mind. We sought artists whose work demonstrates a commitment to a conceptual framework for art, an active allegiance to performance, or an understanding that dialogue and exchange can be primary motivations for art-making.

enact was part of ‘Present and Accounted’, the 25th Anniversary of the Cleveland Performance Art Festival.

The Fire That Does't Go Out

Curated by Sylvia Watanabe & Nanette Yannuzzi | 2012

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In recognition of the one-year anniversary of the March 11, 2011 Great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, Oberlin Shansi and Oberlin College co-sponsored a multi-disciplinary symposium and art exhibition on the global impact of the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan. Seventeen artists from the US and Japan exhibited their work in this month-long exhibition.


Misato Yugi’s statement about the video:
The title of this film can be translated, literally, as red dot pictures, or pictures made of red dots–tsubu tsubu being a tiny particle or grain, like the grains on a strawberry or the red rash that appears on the skin of radiation victims. The animation was created purposely without sound; it is given new voice with every live performance by the musicians who put their own music to the images and by the audiences who come, as witnesses, to watch and listen.

A collaboration between SINUU (Cleveland, Ohio musicians Brent Gemmill and Dave Cintron) and Japanese artist Misato Yugi performed live at the opening of ‘The Fire that Doesn’t Go Out’.

Relief Valve/Subap

Curated by Arzu Ozkal and Nanette Yannuzzi | 2010

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Additional Photo documentation of the exhibition:

Relief Valve is an exhibition of the work of thirteen artists whose work addresses environmental issues. Using a variety of media from photography and video, to performance and installation the selected art works provide insights into land use, biodiversity and the recent controversy over genetically modified foods in Turkey.