Video Transcript

Speaking/Not Speaking
as part of:
Translation and Conversion: A Meditation on the Everyday

Unscripted Performance
İstiklâl Caddesi, Istanbul, Turkey
3:04 a.m.
Suat Öğüt and Nanette Yannuzzi

Nanette: He fell down three flights of steps

Suat: I don't think so. It shouldn't have been like this. What I want to do and what you want to do could have been different here.

Nanette: I've got to say good-bye.

Suat: As I woke up in the morning, I felt at home and I wanted to have a nice breakfast but I realized that I am not at home and could not have breakfast.

Nanette: I counted six, I stopped and counted seven more

Suat: By the way, the nights started getting longer, do you notice?

Nanette: She spoke one language, turned around and spoke another language, she walked away

Suat: I often see my friends these days because our relationship is getting stronger. How is your relationship with your friends?

Nanette: I drove down the alley.

Suat: I don't think so… It shouldn't have been this way.

Nanette: there is no reason to eat that.

Suat: I guess I understand Taksim better now… In front of a blackboard, with a shutter, we are doing a performance with you and this makes me different than I am.


Suat Öğüt and Nanette Yannuzzi

İstiklâl Caddesi, Istanbul, Turkey

3:04 a.m.