Dried leaf fragments, pink, yellow
White Play-Doh crumbles white
Paper fragment, Candy wrapper,
Fuchsia paper scrap,
Dust and debris.

Colored pencil shavings,
Lavender, orange, green,
Yellow, Blue, black,.
One dime, dog collar,
Dirt, debris

Dried leaf, popcorn.
Dog and cat hair,
Small pieces of reed.
Dust, dried leaf, straw
Piece of yellow yarn.

Reed fragments, dog hair,
Sticker, gravel, straw
Pieces, dust and debris.
Christmas ribbon, dried leaves,
Matchstick, kids sticker page,

Old valentine, dog hair, debris,
Corn chip. Dried leaves, white
Tissue paper, Dust, debris.
Pinkish cloth fragment,
Leaf debris, dirt, straw

Turquoise paper with writing,
People hair, dog and cat hair,
Candy wrapper, shiny gold thing.
Blue shiny cellophane moon,
Red strip of pop caps,

Paper pieces, Animal hair,
dirt, dried leaf pieces, polyester
Fiber, Rust-colored thread,
White petals from artificial

Empty watermelon lip-gloss
Container, orange magnetic
Number seven, dirt, animal hair,
Nylon rope section. Dryer sheet,
Dirt, straw, animal hair, debris,

Torn white paper, Trident gum
wrapper, gray foam fragment,
red paper, red and purple drawing,
Note written by A. that says:
‘This is its fire.’

A dime, dried straw,
Pink red Play-Doh,
Gravel, dirt, and debris.
Reed fragments, dog, cat,
People hair.

A piece of a paper town,
dry dog food, cloth,
fragment of handwritten
Phone message that said:
Sal Masi and Ann’s son died.
Viewing Wednesday the seventh

Dirt, gravel, more straw,
Dog and cat hair, bright red
Orange and purple wrapping
Paper fragment, small white
toy plastic fork, dried leaves

Dog, cat, and people hair,
Dirt, debris, dust, white plastic
and aluminum seal,
Blue plastic bag fragment
Yellow paper clip,

Plastic knife, dog and cat hair,
Red plastic thing, green plastic thing,
STYRAFOAM fragment, green toothpick,
Piece of Band-Aid, Piece of sugar
Decoration from birthday cake.